Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nathan's Cardigan

There is a myth with knitters that is once you knit a sweater for your boyfriend the relationship will end. Well, this is me trying to prove them wrong...and also finish a 2008 Christmas gift before 2009 Christmas. (Shhh.)
Knitted with love (& cat hair)...
Please note the Stockinette Stitch makes it curl on the edges so you arent seeing all of the piece. Blocking helps this. Also, the yarn is Black Cascade 220 & here is the original pattern.
(Its upside down here but it will give you an idea...)

Left front with the button holes. You can't see the 2nd ones but there are 2 button holes side by side...
(again upside down)

Right front:

Start of a sleeve! starting from the bottom and working your way up so the ribbing is around the wrist...

My first sweater! Pretty exciting.