Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Finally back at it and its 96 gajillion degrees.

Dearest readers-
I have to be totally honest. Knitting during the summer for me is kind of like when a fat kid is told he needs to run a mile in P.E. He really wants to get it over with and impress his little friends in his class but he would rather be in the computer lab playing Oregon Trail & dreaming about the Lunchable his mom sent him off to school with.
Friends! I went into this year guns a blazing with my knitting! I was going to be successful with a website that sold my glorious creations! Knitting parties were to happen regularly & all of my friends (in my dreams) were all going to learn to knit and ADORE it. I would have my knitting tattoo by now and my woolly world would be filled to the brim with the loveliest of fibers!
Then summer steps in. Hot. Sunny. All seductive & luring me outside with her delicious promises of a golden glow on my skin.
Sorry wool, you are the last thing that I want to handle at this point.
Here is my question to you amazing stitchers that power through the months of summer. How do you do it? I need your secrets!
I did finally start back up. I made an item for a special cutie. I started a project for myself. (Both quite motivating, I must say...) I plan on jumping feet first into Christmas present knitting. (129 days, 21 hours, 13 min...but who is counting?) I plan on finishing my fatty, awesome, snuggle scarf by the first fall chill. I plan...I plan...I plan.
Yes, I just really want to know how you do it, summer knitters! I raise this frosty glass full of the coldest bevie ever and cheers to you! You are my inspiration. And next year I will put my best foot forward with my summer knitting. (And probably fail again....but hey. At least I said I'd try?) Until then...


PS- I really am going to announce my next knitting social media shindig VERY soon. So stay tuned...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

These hardwood floors make my yarn stash look good.

Hi darlings! It's been a while. I've missed you.

Sadly, knitting has taken a back seat to the whirl wind of my life as of late. I have 3 projects half way done and no time to work on them. (Hushie, I know I could be knitting right now instead of blogging.) I'll just get down to the knitty gritty (yes, I did that on purpose). Let's just say this: I will never knit another sweater for another boyfriend again. haha I am, as always, looking on the positive side of this change in my life though! I love my new apartment. I mean, who wouldn't? There is a nook in my bedroom which I have made my knitting/sewing area. The neighborhood is my favorite! So many cute shops, bars, and restaurants. Best part of all of this is that I have confirmed that I have the best friends in this whole wide world.
Well, this was kind of a ramble! Thanks to an awesome friend I will leave you with this:

Oh and I plan on having another knitting Tweetup soon so I will keep you in the loop! I will most likely teach again so please feel free to rally the non knitting troops to come learn what all the fuss is about.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

LYS (Local Yarn Store) & WIP (Work In Progress)

Every knitter has a favorite LYS and mine just happens to be Hilltop Yarn on the top of Queen Anne! Their old location (across the street from their current location) was just amazing. It was an old house converted into the perfect little yarn shop. Their new location isnt quite as quaint but the fabulousness is just the same. First, let's talk window decorations. They are ALWAYS amazing. Thanksgiving featured knitted turkeys. Yes, you read that right. Halloween was a spider knitting as seen below.
I have never entered this knitters mecca without a warm greeting and an outstretched helping hand. Their yarn stock will leave you well equipped for any project but if they don't have what you want they will order it and call you when it gets in. They have a knit night every Wednesday until 9pm & offer several classes for all types of knitters! Visit Hilltop for your daily dose of fiber! http://www.hilltopyarn.com/

I have finally started working on the first project that I will sell on my New Year's Resolution aka my future knits site! I have knitted a few pairs of fingerless gloves and have only followed a pattern once. So far they have all come out pretty fantastic, if I do say so myself! So here I go! I am using some of my most favorite yarn that I have ever knitting with. Knit One, Crochet too's Recycled Cotton yarn in "Earth". Needles: US 5 dpns
I will post when I finish my 1st mitten to start drumming up excitement for the my online knitting shop!

Knit on,

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mark it in my baby book! It's my first sweater!

Well, folks! This is it. My very first sweater. Success! Here are the details for you to peruse:
Pattern: Rogers-esque Cardigan Jacket I found it on one of my favorite knitting websites: Ravelry. More on that in another post, I am sure.
Yarn: Black Cascade 220, using a little over 7 skeins
Needles: US #5 & US#3

I started this back in..ha, I don't remember! Yes, it took me a while but there were a few times that the pattern got confusing and I had to figure out the next step myself. Other than that the pattern was written fairly well. Add to that the nerves of messing up a sweater after you have spent SO many hours. There is a good possibility you will make a small misstep that will force you to start over again. Yes, a knitters WORST nightmare. OH, THE FEAR!
Now that I have successfully finished it I am looking to the future in my knitting! Like I posted before I am going to have an event in February with some friends and some newbies where I am going to teach knitting to newbies. I have only taught one person and not a group so fingers crossed for me. If you are in Seattle and would like to come here are the details: http://twtvite.com/aizbsq. I am also going to start working on getting things knit for my site. You, dear friends, will know when you can buy my knits once it is all set and ready to go.

Approximately 2.5 hours after completion of sweater and Nate and I are not broken up. ;) To find out more about this "knitter's curse" click here: Knitter's Addiction
My suggestions for your knitters that are shaking in your boots every time your man mentions that he is cold every time you whip out your needles:
1- Sit together and pick out the pattern! If he has no idea where to start go through and pick out a handful you know you will be able to knit and have him pick from them! Keep it simple. Unless you are dating Bill Cosby I assume your guy isn't into a pattern that is puddling-lickin' crazy.
2- Bring him to the yarn shop with you! Let him touch the yarn so he knows that it will feel like on him. If it is too scratchy you know he will never wear it. And if he does he will whine all the way and who wants to have to deal with that?
3- Make a pinky promise. Pinky promise that he will be HONEST with you every step of the way. If he thinks the sleeves will be too short, it ends up being itchy etc... Make sure he is honest with you. With that, tell him you will always be honest with him when it comes to this expedition.

So, woop there it is.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How I learned to knit!

About 3 years ago I decided that I wanted to learn how to knit. I wanted to make my own hats, gloves, scarves...OH MY! I wanted to have something to create while Nathan (www.nthnart.com) created beautiful art. Come on! I am creative too!
On that faithful day (when I decided I was ready) I wandered into Stitches http://www.stitchesseattle.com/ and purchased my first needles and yarn. She also suggested that I purchase "Stitch 'n Bitch - The Knitter's Handbook" by Debbie Stoller.
Even to this day I refer back to this book! It is amazing. With titles of chapters like "You Ain't Shit if You Don't Knit" this book is not only SO informative, it is funny and interesting! Want to learn? This takes you step by step. Just like New Kids on the Block...Oh baby! Seriously. Just. Buy. It.

Tips for new knitters:
-Sign up for www.ravelry.com. This site is like the social media mecca for knitters. It offers a plethora of patterns, groups, and even a place to take pictures and organize all of your creations!
-Ask your local knit shop for suggestions! I started on size 10 straight needles with burnt orange, worsted weight yarn (Still my favorite scarf...to this day!).
-Once you get the hang of it by knitting a few sample squares, knit several scarves just to practice your stitch! Don't need that many scarves? Keep them for the holiday and give them to friends!

Knitting is not only relaxing but you then get the pleasure of making some pretty cool stuff. If you have been thinking of learning to knit and live in the Seattle area check out this knit night I set up: http://twtvite.com/aizbsq
It is for knitters and newbies! Anyone who wants to learn or already knows how!

Knit on!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

It goes on & on & on....

My little sister (Isn't she beautiful?!) asked for a scarf this Christmas. I didn't want to just give her any old scarf! I wanted to do something that was different and well, to be honest, a scarf didn't take very long. We only had a few short weeks until we were flying down to have our early Christmas with my family in Phoenix and my schedule was already packed! Here comes the mobius! Casting onto size 19 needles and using bulky yarn makes not only a beautiful, thick, fluffy piece that looks like you purchased it in one of the hippest stores but also only takes a short amount of time to knit! I used the seed stitch which is probably my favorite! It looks so organic and different. I am working on my 3rd mobius now! They are also very versatile in how to wear them! Around your shoulders, over your head, just letting it hang around the neck. The possibilities are endless! Ah, mobius. You are a new favorite project.

Holiday Knitting...Tips for non-knitters.

Yes. The dreaded 2 words you knitters love to hate: Holiday. Knitting.
Since I really got into knitting (read: could make more than a scarf) I have tried to give most family and close friends a knitted present for Christmas. Hand picked (hopefully local) yarn, hand picked pattern, and hand made with love. Will the non-knitter even understand the blood, sweat and tears (ok, maybe a little dramatic...haha) that went into their gift? No this isn't JUST a pair of fingerless gloves. No that isn't JUST a hat. It was customized for you and not JUST bought at H&M (love you H&M)! So here I am...a knitter...on my knees begging you! If you ever receive a hand knitted item just know that it is way better than a random purchase and you should wear it with pride!
Tips for non-knitters getting a present from a knitter:
1- Make sure to wear it at least once in front of the person. I have given gifts that, in my mind, have never seen the light of day just because it was never worn around me.
2- If it doesn't fit...be honest! Knitters like to be spot on with sizing and we will gladly fix it. If not gladly we will scream behind closed doors as to not alarm you.
3- Know that if we took the time to knit you a gift that you are truly loved! Feel the love. Think of that hat as a constant warm loving hug from us whenever you wear it.
4- If the knitter sells or blogs or even just tweets keep their site address or email contact in mind for when people give you nice comments on your piece! Its another way to say a little "Thank you!" to the giver.

Ok now, go forth! Knit holiday gifts for all your loved ones! Be so excited when you get these gifts!

Oh yea. Feel the woolly love.