Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Finally back at it and its 96 gajillion degrees.

Dearest readers-
I have to be totally honest. Knitting during the summer for me is kind of like when a fat kid is told he needs to run a mile in P.E. He really wants to get it over with and impress his little friends in his class but he would rather be in the computer lab playing Oregon Trail & dreaming about the Lunchable his mom sent him off to school with.
Friends! I went into this year guns a blazing with my knitting! I was going to be successful with a website that sold my glorious creations! Knitting parties were to happen regularly & all of my friends (in my dreams) were all going to learn to knit and ADORE it. I would have my knitting tattoo by now and my woolly world would be filled to the brim with the loveliest of fibers!
Then summer steps in. Hot. Sunny. All seductive & luring me outside with her delicious promises of a golden glow on my skin.
Sorry wool, you are the last thing that I want to handle at this point.
Here is my question to you amazing stitchers that power through the months of summer. How do you do it? I need your secrets!
I did finally start back up. I made an item for a special cutie. I started a project for myself. (Both quite motivating, I must say...) I plan on jumping feet first into Christmas present knitting. (129 days, 21 hours, 13 min...but who is counting?) I plan on finishing my fatty, awesome, snuggle scarf by the first fall chill. I plan...I plan...I plan.
Yes, I just really want to know how you do it, summer knitters! I raise this frosty glass full of the coldest bevie ever and cheers to you! You are my inspiration. And next year I will put my best foot forward with my summer knitting. (And probably fail again....but hey. At least I said I'd try?) Until then...


PS- I really am going to announce my next knitting social media shindig VERY soon. So stay tuned...


  1. I too have struggled with summer knitting. I've been working on a baby blanket for MONTHS now (like, pre-summer) - just not being able to get through it over these past few hot months. When I have picked it up, it has been in bed, with the air conditioner blasting - it's the only way!


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