Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mark it in my baby book! It's my first sweater!

Well, folks! This is it. My very first sweater. Success! Here are the details for you to peruse:
Pattern: Rogers-esque Cardigan Jacket I found it on one of my favorite knitting websites: Ravelry. More on that in another post, I am sure.
Yarn: Black Cascade 220, using a little over 7 skeins
Needles: US #5 & US#3

I started this back in..ha, I don't remember! Yes, it took me a while but there were a few times that the pattern got confusing and I had to figure out the next step myself. Other than that the pattern was written fairly well. Add to that the nerves of messing up a sweater after you have spent SO many hours. There is a good possibility you will make a small misstep that will force you to start over again. Yes, a knitters WORST nightmare. OH, THE FEAR!
Now that I have successfully finished it I am looking to the future in my knitting! Like I posted before I am going to have an event in February with some friends and some newbies where I am going to teach knitting to newbies. I have only taught one person and not a group so fingers crossed for me. If you are in Seattle and would like to come here are the details: I am also going to start working on getting things knit for my site. You, dear friends, will know when you can buy my knits once it is all set and ready to go.

Approximately 2.5 hours after completion of sweater and Nate and I are not broken up. ;) To find out more about this "knitter's curse" click here: Knitter's Addiction
My suggestions for your knitters that are shaking in your boots every time your man mentions that he is cold every time you whip out your needles:
1- Sit together and pick out the pattern! If he has no idea where to start go through and pick out a handful you know you will be able to knit and have him pick from them! Keep it simple. Unless you are dating Bill Cosby I assume your guy isn't into a pattern that is puddling-lickin' crazy.
2- Bring him to the yarn shop with you! Let him touch the yarn so he knows that it will feel like on him. If it is too scratchy you know he will never wear it. And if he does he will whine all the way and who wants to have to deal with that?
3- Make a pinky promise. Pinky promise that he will be HONEST with you every step of the way. If he thinks the sleeves will be too short, it ends up being itchy etc... Make sure he is honest with you. With that, tell him you will always be honest with him when it comes to this expedition.

So, woop there it is.



  1. Looks great! I love the pic with Nate and the cat looking the same direction. The made by Jen beer cozy is a nice touch too!

  2. i want to commission you for one - how much $$ & time?

  3. jen - this looks great! excited to keep up with your knitting endeavors through your blog! xo

  4. I have to say, LeBonk James is totally cracking me up by looking out the window. #creepo Thanks babe for the awesome sweater! Which I'm wearing today <3

  5. Carissa- That beer cozy was actually the one he got for Christmas & not the one I made him. haha

    Byron- I think you should go out and buy one and not pay me for one. haha It will take a long time for me to knit one and will be mas expensive. Thank you though! Maybe you will want to buy a hat once I get my site up? ;)

    Nadine- Thanks cutie! <3

    Babe- Isn't that hilarious. She is so in love with you. #totalcreep