Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Knitting...Tips for non-knitters.

Yes. The dreaded 2 words you knitters love to hate: Holiday. Knitting.
Since I really got into knitting (read: could make more than a scarf) I have tried to give most family and close friends a knitted present for Christmas. Hand picked (hopefully local) yarn, hand picked pattern, and hand made with love. Will the non-knitter even understand the blood, sweat and tears (ok, maybe a little dramatic...haha) that went into their gift? No this isn't JUST a pair of fingerless gloves. No that isn't JUST a hat. It was customized for you and not JUST bought at H&M (love you H&M)! So here I am...a knitter...on my knees begging you! If you ever receive a hand knitted item just know that it is way better than a random purchase and you should wear it with pride!
Tips for non-knitters getting a present from a knitter:
1- Make sure to wear it at least once in front of the person. I have given gifts that, in my mind, have never seen the light of day just because it was never worn around me.
2- If it doesn't honest! Knitters like to be spot on with sizing and we will gladly fix it. If not gladly we will scream behind closed doors as to not alarm you.
3- Know that if we took the time to knit you a gift that you are truly loved! Feel the love. Think of that hat as a constant warm loving hug from us whenever you wear it.
4- If the knitter sells or blogs or even just tweets keep their site address or email contact in mind for when people give you nice comments on your piece! Its another way to say a little "Thank you!" to the giver.

Ok now, go forth! Knit holiday gifts for all your loved ones! Be so excited when you get these gifts!

Oh yea. Feel the woolly love.

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