Sunday, December 20, 2009

It goes on & on & on....

My little sister (Isn't she beautiful?!) asked for a scarf this Christmas. I didn't want to just give her any old scarf! I wanted to do something that was different and well, to be honest, a scarf didn't take very long. We only had a few short weeks until we were flying down to have our early Christmas with my family in Phoenix and my schedule was already packed! Here comes the mobius! Casting onto size 19 needles and using bulky yarn makes not only a beautiful, thick, fluffy piece that looks like you purchased it in one of the hippest stores but also only takes a short amount of time to knit! I used the seed stitch which is probably my favorite! It looks so organic and different. I am working on my 3rd mobius now! They are also very versatile in how to wear them! Around your shoulders, over your head, just letting it hang around the neck. The possibilities are endless! Ah, mobius. You are a new favorite project.

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